Medical Detox Treatments in Hong Kong

Every day we are bombarded with pollutants from the products we use, the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. As these pollutants accumulate in our tissues, we can suffer many symptoms such as:

Detox Treatments in Hong Kong - stress

What Is Detoxification

Our body is constantly neutralizing chemicals, pollutants, toxins and drugs from the body. Due to the increased volume of these toxins and pollutants in everyday living, our body becomes over-loaded and ill-health can occur. Medical detoxification facilitates the detoxification process and helps clear up the backlog of toxins from the body. This is achieved through a simple cleansing diet, nutritional supplements, supportive treatments, IV nutrients and heavy metal chelation.

Is it Safe?

Clients may sometimes experience minor side effects from detoxification such as headaches, muscles aches, hunger pains, light-headedness and low blood sugar. This is due to toxins being released from the cells and is expected. Simple measures such drinking more fluids and rest is all that is needed to ease these symptoms. Our detox treatment and program are medically supervised and clients are welcome to contact our support staff if they have any concerns.

Detoxification At LifeClinic

Trying to carry out successful detoxification on your own can sometimes be difficult. For this reason, we have developed an all-inclusive programme and support team to guide you through the process.

LifeClinic has a professional medical team including doctors, nurses, nutritionists and health educators to continuously support you through your detoxification journey.

When you start your detoxification program, you will receive a Comprehensive LifeClinic Detox Kit which includes a detox manual, supplements, skin brushing kit and everything else you will need.


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