Heart Health

Heart disease has been the third leading cause of death in Hong Kong since 1960s. Despite its high prevalence, many of the risk factors for heart disease can be managed through lifestyle. 

At LifeClinic, our programs are designed for early detection of risk factors for heart disease and to implement an integrative approach that works to prevent the occurrence of heart disease, or if necessary, help treat heart conditions without relying solely on medication.

Heart Conditions


Irregular Heart Beat

Shortness Of Breath

Chest Discomfort


Coronary Heart Disease

Heart Arrhythmias




Chronic Disease Management

Immunity program


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Why High LDL Levels May Not be a Good Predictor of Heart Disease

The adverse effects of cholesterol on your health are well-known – or at least, most people would agree that high levels of cholesterol aren't good for your heart. However, the role of cholesterol as the bad guy in causing heart disease is more complicated than it first appears. In fact, recent studies claim that having [...]

Nourishing Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

PART II: The Autonomic Nervous System – Nourishing your parasympathetic nervous system and protecting yourself from a potential heart attack It’s a sad fact of life that most people are stressed and locked into their sympathetic dominant mode of living. Symptoms of being tense, having joint or muscle pains, having poor sleep, or poor mood [...]

New Assessment Measures For Cardiovascular Risk

PART I: Are you stressing out towards a heart attack? How your autonomic Nervous system regulates heart health When it comes to diagnosing the risks of cardiovascular disease, we now know we need to look beyond cholesterol. Statistics show that over half of all new diagnosed heart disease patients have normal cholesterol and that there [...]

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